CSI: Stranglehold - Online Escape Room Experience

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Blood has been spilled across the streets of London! 'The Eastside Strangler' has yet to be caught, leaving a gruesome trail of bodies in his wake at a breakneck pace. You don’t have much time before he strikes again! Be swift and sure, follow in the footsteps of the previous detective on the case and finally bring justice to his neck of the woods!

If you can find out his identity and location, he’ll be up to the neck with criminal charges! The power is in your hands, detectives.

CSI: Stranglehold is a web-based escape game you can play at home, solo, or with a group. Includes audio, video, and visual files that are gradually unlocked as you solve your way through the exciting and fiendish puzzles to find the identity of the 'Eastside Strangler' before he chooses another victim.

Game Details:
Online Murder Mystery Themed Escape Room Experience
Players - 1-8 (from the same or different locations)
Age - 12+
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours
Difficulty - Medium Difficulty
Compatibility - Laptop/PC is best, tablet and phone also suitable
Accessibility - Not suitable for deaf or hard of hearing players, not suitable for those with color blindness.

"We think that this a real masterpiece of an online detective game. Filled with great puzzles, stacked with outstanding audio/video content with a fantastic simple, yet highly detailed, story line. Be sure to have a go at CSI: Stranglehold as this is not one to miss! It will leave you gasping for air!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kent Escape Room Reviews