Post-A-Puzzle: Deluxe Puzzle Pack

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Post-A-Puzzle contains a pack of 10 puzzles, a welcome telegram and a greeting card that gets posted directly to your special someone.

Only when the correct answers from each puzzle are entered online is your identity, message, photo or video revealed! Either gift in itself or a fun way to present a gift or even better, it’s hiding place!

The envelope contains a welcome letter explaining that someone they know has a message for them, but they’ll first have to solve each of the puzzles contained inside the pack to reveal the sender and your message! 

Looking to make it more special? Add a gift card for The Panic Room Online that they can unlock when they solve all the puzzles! Just select your amount at checkout.

"This is just the kind of gift I’d love to send everyone I know. A little 'hey I’m thinking of you', packed with fun puzzles, a short respite from *gestures at the world* this." Escape The Roomer Review

Note: Once you have purchased you will be emailed by us to find out what text or image you would like the recipient to see upon completing the game.