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How to play Online Escape Rooms

Playing Online Escape Rooms is easier than you think!

Just choose your team, choose your game, connect via Zoom (or other video chat apps) and get started. We hope the below information will help you on your way to having a great virtual experience with us.

Step 1: Choose Your team👪
Our games have different maximum amounts of players, so first of all work out how many friends, family or colleagues you will be playing with.
Most of our games are for up to 6 players, our CSI Games are for up to 8 players.

Handy Hint: On the Online Escape Room area of the shop, you can select which games would be suitable for your team size by clicking on the filter on the left hand side.

Step 2: Buying The Game🛒
Once you have chosen your game, add to cart and purchase it!
For a team you only need to purchase 1 copy, so for example:
CSI Grounded allows for up to 8 players, 1 purchase of £20 will allow up to 8 players to play the game.

Step 3: Getting Your Game📧
After purchasing you will get TWO emails, one is a normal confirmation of order, the second is an email with a download link.

Make sure to check your spam just incase, this download link will take you to a page where you can then download a PDF. This PDF contains all the instructions you need to play as well your login/license information.

Handy hint: There are 2 pages to the PDF, so don't forget to scroll, your login details are on page 2!

Step 4: Connecting💻
Send the login details you received on the the PDF to your team. Everyone can then use these details to head onto the game website on their device whether they are in the same household or separate.

Step 5: Video Chatting🎦
Video/audio chat is not built in so that you can use your app of choice, we recommend using apps like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Facetime.

Handy hint: Not used Zoom before? Click Here for quick 5 minute tutorial.

Step 6: Playing🕹️
Once everyone is all logged in and connected via Zoom or similar you can then start your game. Just use the second part of your login/license details and play!

Remember to communicate with your team and if you need clues, you will find them at the bottom of the page offering gradually more helpful hints or even the answer if you get REALLY stuck!

A few FAQ's just incase you still aren't sure:

Q - Can we stop playing and come back to the game later?
A - Yes! Just keep record of where you were in the game and keep your notes and you can come back whenever you like.

Q - If I purchase a game, do I have to play it straight away/will it expire?
A - No you don't, they don't expire so you can purchase and play whenever suits you and your team.

Q - Do we have to use Zoom to play?
A - You don't need to however voice/video chat is recommended to help with communication in the game

Q - Can I play with friends and families in other households or countries?
A - Absolutely! Our games can be played globally 24/7 with no issue at all.

Q - What devices can I play Online Escape Rooms on?
A - Our games are compatible across a range of devices, we recommend laptop or PC for best experience. Please see individual product pages for specific compatibility info and compatibility tests

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