Mainstage Mayhem - Family Online Escape Room

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"The 'Not Dead Yet' festival was due to be the big smash hit of the year, however the production manager stole the money and locked away the kit!

Saturday is just around the corner, the show must go on! Solve the puzzles, work together as a team, and get the festival back up and running."

Mainstage Mayhem is a family-friendly web-based game you can play at home, solo, or with a group. Includes audio and visual files that are gradually unlocked as you try to keep the festival going! 

Unlock the flight cases, set the sound, and open the front gates before the first band is due to start!

Game Details:
Players - 1-6
Age - 8+
Time - 1-2 hours
Difficulty - Low-Medium Difficulty
Compatibility - Laptop/Tablet/Phones
Accessibility - Suitable for deaf or hard of hearing players, not suitable for those with color blindness.