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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Compatibility Checker

Across the world there are countless devices with different browsers & operating systems.

Here at The Panic Room Online we do our best to ensure that as many people can access our range of Online Escape Rooms, so here is a handy checker for some of the features you may see in our games.

Please note: Smart TV's have no guaranteed compatibility with any of our games as they operate on very limited versions of web-browsers. If you would like to play on your TV, we would recommend getting a PC/Laptop and using an HDMI cable to connect.

In some of our games there are interactive mini games as part of the experience.

Games that contain Mini-Games:

Online Escape Rooms:
Mansion Impossible
Clue Kingdom
CSI: Christmas Scene Investigation
CSI: Deadline
CSI Stranglehold
Murder At The Manor
Puzzle Books:
The Book Of Grimm
The Panic Room
The Exorcism Of Isabelle


Sometimes you need to look that little bit closer and secrets hide within them. Try below and click/press on the number 4 evidence tag!
For mobile devices - To ensure maximum compatibility go to settings and view as desktop site.

Click Here

Games that contain clickable images:
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 'A Not So Merry Christmas'
Mansion Impossible
Clue Kingdom
CSI: Deadline
CSI: Christmas Scene Investigation
The Sinister Soiree
Murder At The Manor

Interactive images are images you can...interact with! These can help provide more info, show videos, images or audio that will help you solve the puzzles!

Games that contain interactive images:
Mansion Impossible
The Sinister Soiree
Who Shot The Sheriff?
Mainstage Mayhem
Clue Kingdom 3, 4 and 5
The Haunted Hotel

Case files can be important to get those extra details, solving a crime. These are presented as PDF's that you can interact with on the page.


Games that contain PDF Case Files:
CSI: Grounded
CSI: Mafia Murders
CSI: Stranglehold
CSI: Deadline
Sherlock 'A Not So Merry Xmas'
The Overseer

Bemusement Arcade Games:
Sector X Part 1&2:
BRUCE Saves Christmas:
Dr Hollywood:

Teambuilding Whitelisting:
Looking to arrange a team building event?

Different companies have varying security settings put in place by their IT department. If you have any issues visiting the below then please contact your IT department to whitelist the domains you require.

Depending on the game you will need to whitelist: /  (All Games) (Mini-Games - See above)

Game websites:
CSI Grounded -
CSI Mafia Murders -
CSI Stranglehold -
CSI Deadline -
CSI Christmas Scene Investigation -
Sherlock (Both Cases) -
Mansion Impossible -
Mainstage Mayhem -
Clue Kingdom -
The Sinister Soiree -
Murder At The Manor -
Alchemystery -
The Mythmatician -
The Haunted Hotel -
Who Shot The Sheriff -
The Overseer -