CSI: Mafia Murders - Online Escape Room Experience

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A shooting has happened at the Mafia operated Bonnetti VIP Lounge! The Family has given you approximately 1 hour to investigate the crime scene uninhibited, but you’ll need to solve the case before the police arrive to brush it all under the rug!

Here’s what we know: There were 2 shooters, One survived and escaped, one died during the shooting. You'll need to work as a team to examine the evidence, follow the clues to deduce who they are so that… justice can be served.

Fancy a bit of Cluedo? This is a murder mystery escape room you will not want to miss out on. Adapted from our extremely popular CSI: Mafia Murders mobile game & Harlow experience, this adapted version is perfect for getting your fix of The Panic Room while you are stuck at home!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital adaptation of the physical game that can be played in Harlow, Essex. If you have already played CSI: Mafia Murders in person, there is a good chance you will remember the answers! 

Game Details:
Players - 1-8 (across one or multiple locations)
Age - 10+ 
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours
Difficulty - Medium Difficulty
Compatibility  - Laptop/PC is best, tablet and phone also suitable.
Accessibility - Not suitable for deaf or hard of hearing players, suitable for those with color blindness.

"A great game for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this online experience certainly put the bullet in our gun!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kent Escape Room Reviews