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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Sherlock Holmes - Online Escape Room Experience

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The year is 1912, the location: London town.

You and your group think yourself to be a top-notch group of detectives and are itching to take on your first big case. What better start than a case that Sherlock himself has been trying to solve?

You’ll need your wits about you, a keen eye for detail and don’t forget to take notes!

During your investigation, you will come across quite a few individuals who will hopefully help connect the dots and lead you on the right path. Perhaps you will even be able to catch up with Sherlock and solve the case yourself?

Think fast, look closely, and of course just remember...Don’t Panic!

Sherlock Holmes is a fantastic web-based game you can play at home, solo or with a group. Fix that Escape Room itch with one that doesn’t even require you to step outside! Includes audio and visual files that are gradually unlocked as you solve your way through the exciting and curious puzzles to solve the mystery.

Game Details:
Players - 1-6 (from the same or different locations)
Age - 10+
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours
Difficulty - Medium-High Difficulty
Compatibility - Laptop/PC is best,  some tablets and phones also suitable.
Some iOS devices may have issues, depending on iOS version or generation.
To check compatibility with your mobile device CLICK HERE

Accessibility - For up to date accessibility info CLICK HERE

One £15 purchase = 1 Team of up to 6 Players (inc multiple households)

"The finale of this game culminates nicely, bringing together all your evidence gathering skills and naming the culprit. 

We really enjoyed this game, in particular with the slightly more relaxed feel, some really strong puzzles, brilliant theme and awesome story telling!  Playing this game is Elementary my dear Watson! " 4 1/2 stars - Kent Escape Room Reviews