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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

EXIT - Stormy Flight - Escape Room Board Game

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In "EXIT: The Game – The Stormy Flight," players are called upon to embody the virtues of teamwork, creativity, and swift decision-making under pressure. This high-octane adventure places 1-4 players directly into the cockpit as crew members of a passenger plane en route to Barbados. Without warning, the plane is ensnared by a treacherous electrical storm, leading to catastrophic failures as water breaches the aircraft and critical systems begin to falter.

Faced with a dire situation, the team must quickly come together to navigate the challenges posed by the failing technology and the relentless storm. The objective is clear: to execute repairs on the fly and manage a safe landing, all against the ticking clock. Time is of the essence, and every decision counts.

Will the players' combined efforts be enough to restore the aircraft to working order and guide it to safety? "The Stormy Flight" tests players' ability to work under pressure and solve problems collaboratively, offering an immersive escape room experience that soars to new heights of suspense and adventure.