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EXIT GAMES - 20 Games To Choose From


Check out our massive range of Escape Room Board Games, fun for all occasions! With such a huge selection of available games, there’s bound to be something for every player! Select from fantasy, mystery, horror and more!

A perfect gift to treat yourself or others, there is something for everyone.

  • Play Escape rooms at home or on the go
  • Card-based; no apps required!
  • Perfect for game nights and parties
  • Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Hard available
  • A brilliant stocking-filler for Escape Room lovers

The Gate Between Worlds (NEW & INSTOCK)
The Sacred Temple (NEW & INSTOCK)
The Deserted Lighthouse (NEW & INSTOCK)
The Enchanted Forest 
The Cemetary Of The Knight
The Stormy Flight
House Of Riddles 
The Haunted Rollercoaster
The Mysterious Museum 
The Sunken Treasure
The Abandoned Cabin
Theft on the Mississippi
The Sinister Mansion
The Forgotten Island
The Polar Station
The Secret Lab 
Dead Man on the Orient Express 
The Forbidden Castle 
The Pharaoh's Tomb
Catacombs of Horror (2 Games In 1)

Exit Games - £12.99 + Postage
Exit Games - Catacombs Of Horror (2 part game) - £19.99 + Postage

PLEASE NOTE: Some Exit games have destructible elements required for play that will affect replayability.