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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

EXIT - Catacombs Of Horrors - Escape Room Board Game

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"Exit: Catacombs of Horror" from Kosmos Games introduces a groundbreaking two-stage edition to the Exit series, allowing players to experience the adventure across two sessions if desired.

The game plunges players into a gripping narrative from the outset, as they receive a distressing letter from an archaeologist caught in a perilous labyrinth, hinting at dark forces at play.

In this cooperative puzzle-solving game, players work together to unravel a series of intricate puzzles, ranging from numeric and word challenges to spatial conundrums and hidden messages. The game offers jaw-dropping moments and physical puzzles that immerse players in the eerie atmosphere of the catacombs.

Using a unique decoding disk system, players match icons from clues to generate codes, unlocking insights into the archaeologist's disappearance. The game comprises three decks of cards: puzzle cards containing hints and elements crucial to navigating the catacombs, clue cards for assistance, and a solution deck to verify answers. Additionally, special items become available as players progress, enhancing the gameplay.

Please note that certain cards and items require cutting and folding, making "Exit: Catacombs of Horror" a one-time use game.

Set in a dark fantasy realm with elements of horror, this edition promises a challenging and immersive escape room experience, complete with standout moments that will leave players captivated.

  • Number of players: 1-4
  • Game time: 120-240 minutes
  • Age rating: 16+