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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

CSI: Mafia Murders - Online Escape Room Experience

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£20.00 - £20.00
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One £20 purchase = 1 Team of up to 8 Players (inc multiple households)

A shooting has happened at the Mafia operated Bonnetti VIP Lounge! The Family has given you approximately 1 hour to investigate the crime scene uninhibited, but you’ll need to solve the case before the police arrive to brush it all under the rug!

Here’s what we know: There were 2 shooters. One survived and escaped, one died during the shooting. You'll need to work as a team to examine the evidence, follow the clues to deduce who they are so that… justice can be served.

Fancy a bit of Cluedo? This is a murder mystery escape room you will not want to miss out on. Adapted from our extremely popular CSI: Mafia Murders mobile game & Harlow experience, this adapted version is perfect for getting your fix of The Panic Room while you are stuck at home!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital adaptation of the physical game that can be played in Harlow, Essex. If you have already played CSI: Mafia Murders in person, there is a good chance you will remember the answers! 

Game Details:
Players - 1-8 (across one or multiple locations)
Age - 10+ 
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours
Difficulty - Easy-Medium Difficulty
Compatibility - Laptop/PC is best, tablet and phone also suitable.
To check compatibility with your mobile device CLICK HERE
Accessibility - For up to date accessibility info CLICK HERE

"A great game for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this online experience certainly put the bullet in our gun!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kent Escape Room Reviews