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Virtual Team Building


The Panic Room Online - Remote / Virtual Team Building Escape Rooms

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Easy Team Building Activities For Remote Employees During Covid-19

With the sudden and unwelcome arrival of Covid-19 in our lives, our workforces have quickly had to adapt to new ways of working; with the majority of us now working from Home for the foreseeable future.

Businesses now need to find an effective solution to keep staff focused and engaged whilst working from home, as well as keeping wellness and the mental health of their colleagues at the forefront.

What is remote team building?

When it comes to working in an office, it’s quite easy for employees to collaborate and work together to help push a business forward. We can communicate easily, discuss ideas and just walk across an office to approach a colleague. But when it comes to employees working from home, it can be hard to keep a team engaged and collaborating effectively with other team members.

So how can you bridge the virtual gap and bring your team together?

The best solution to help establish good working relationships whilst employees are working from home is to introduce remote team activities to help keep everyone proactive, build viable relationships and provide an atmosphere of trust and support.

What does The Panic Room offer?

We currently have 17 excellent and highly rated online escape room experiences available. CSI: Mafia Murders and CSI: Grounded are actually online versions of our existing mobile games that we take to companies across the UK for team building so they are inherently suited for team building. We have a whole wide range of other games that have been specifically designed during lockdown to provide the best team-building experience while having a huge variety to choose from.

Our CSI Games in particular feature both escape room and murder mystery elements which work well for team building as it promotes communication and attention to detail. 

Why should you choose The Panic Room?

The Panic Room is an independent husband & wife run company that has been operating for nearly 5 years. The duo have designed and built over 30 physical escape rooms as well as designing many escape rooms for other companies also.

This experience has translated into the 17 Online Escape Rooms that you can play today so far, with more games being continuously developed.

✅ We understand the needs of team building, having organised events for companies with 1000's of employees
✅ Extensive experience in creating great escape room experiences both physical & online
✅ Excellent, fast and efficient dedicated customer service agents
✅ Cost efficient & competitive pricing for companies big & small
✅ Continuous product development means you have all the choices available that your employees will love

Who have we worked with?

We have worked closely with hundreds of companies big and small across the globe and it's been a big hit, check out some of our clients below:


What is the pricing?

During this time we know and understand that things are difficult right now which is why we have excellent reduced rates on licenses for businesses based on the amount of groups (1-8 employees per group) they would like to play.

We are able to supply VAT invoices directly to your email. 

Want a quote for your team? Send us an email us at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Online Escape Rooms have taken the world by storm, ticking all the boxes by being an easily accessible and cost effective team building option that many companies across the world are choosing. We feel that some collaborative support and levity in these trying times is what can make us all stronger and equipped to roll with the punches that we all must deal with every day. 

So have fun, stay safe, and just remember… Don’t panic!