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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Licence to Grill - Play At Home Puzzle Adventure Trail

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Summertime is here ... let's celebrate and have some family fun!

The Fresco family are planning a summer barbecue and dad Al is in charge. But his jealous neighbour Reginald Grump has hidden all of the food and his vital barbecuing tools! Can you help Al find everything he needs in time for the Frescos to have their meal?

Once you’ve found all of the pieces and solved the puzzles, there's even more fun to be had - you’ll be able to play Licence to Grill - The Board Game!


The pack contains everything you need for your adventure!

  • 10 engraved puzzle pieces to hide around you house, garden or out in the wild.

  • A unique puzzle engraved on each checkpoint for your mini adventurers to solve

  • A simple to follow instruction sheet

  • Clue sheet - this is where you will write the clues to help your little ones be able to find where you've hidden the checkpoints; be as devious as you like!

  • Additional info sheet - the kids will need to use this is conjunction with the checkpoints they find to be able to solve the challenges.

  • Licence to Grill Certificate to proudly display after completing your Checkpoint Game!

  • Access to the interactive web app where they will input their team name, check their answers and track their team's points. 

  • Your game board, rules, 4 playing tokens and dice are also in the pack. 
    First to the end wins (obviously a barbecue always finishes with a marshmallow...) but watch out, you might still need to work together to get there! 

Ideal for children aged 5-11.