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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Clue Kingdom - All 6 Chapters Bundle

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A 6 part epic online escape room experience for 1-6 players!

Once upon a time, in a far off land, was the Clue Kingdom. A truly wondrous land home to many incredible secrets and tales long forgotten. For years, the Kingdom stood tall and proud, all its subjects were treated fair, and the threat of war was only heard of in stories.

However, evil lurked deep within. Avibarin, a wizard with incredible power rose from the underworld and took control of the land in one fell swoop. He retreated to The Spire, the very tallest point of Clue Kingdom and fortified his castle, ruling the land with a terrible iron fist. Soon, monsters and beasts roamed the once peaceful landscapes and its people lived in fear, waiting for heroes to emerge and save them...

Now it’s finally time to take control back and seal the evil away for good!

Part 1 - The Enchanted Forest
Part 2 - The Dwarven Mines
Part 3 - The Forgotten City
Part 4 - The Hidden Village
Part 5 - The Secrets of the Ocean 
Part 6 - The Spire

Game Details:
Players - 1-6 (from the same or different locations)
Age - 10+ if playing with family
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours per chapter
Difficulty - Medium Difficulty
Compatibility - Laptop/PC is best
Accessibility - Not suitable for those with color blindness, deaf or HOH.

If using a laptop or PC you will need to use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers, other browsers may be unsupported. If using Edge browser, please make sure you have updated to the latest version.
Dates may be subject to change and may release early or slightly later than stated dates.
Some iOS devices may have issues, depending on iOS version or generation.
To test compatibility on iOS devices CLICK HERE

"Its safe to say that we really enjoyed this epic adventure and if this sets the tone of whats to come over the series, I am very excited. Some great puzzles, beautiful animation and a soundtrack which captures the imagination like no other. Great fun, taxing yet achievable, I would certainly recommend this one!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kent Escape Room Reviews