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Top 10 Activities For Team Building - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

Top 10 Activities For Team Building

If you’re like any of us, you’ve had at least one team building event that has ended up with someone drinking a bit much, causing a scene and saying something they shouldn't. Ouch! As interesting as the gossip following the tumultuous events may be, let us give you all some ideas that do NOT involve alcohol, because there are plenty of other things to do that might actually do a better job at boosting morale and performance, right? Here are some of our top picks for team building:

1. Escape rooms
Escape Room - The Panic Room Online
We’ll start with probably the best possible activity that will not only guarantee your team having fun, but also actually practically help boost team performance (see our previous blog post that thoroughly explains it [Click Here]. Not only will you be able to see your team in action, but you’ll also have the time of your lives doing it - you have plenty of themes to pick from, depending whether or not you feel more adventurous or whimsical. To check out our physical escape rooms in Gravesend, Kent or Harlow, Essex Click Here

2. Laser tag
Laser Tag - Team Building I The Panic Room Online
You might be thinking “Psh, these are for kids!” but if Barney Stinson could pull it off while wearing a suit, then sit down and listen - haven’t you always wanted to see your annoying colleague from accounting yell and run for their life in her office attire? The idea here is that everybody attend the game in their office outfits - not only will that make it twice as hilarious, it’ll make it twice as difficult to move/duck/run, which would bring a particular spice to the activity.

3. Axe Throwing 
Battle Masters Axe Throwing I The Panic Room Online
Yes that's right, you read that correctly! Axe throwing as a sport, hobby and team building activity has been growing very quickly in popularity across the USA & Canada, it's now finally reached the UK where we have our own Axe Throwing locations in Gravesend & Harlow. Want to find out more? Click Here to head to the Battle Masters website.

4. Cooking class
Cooking Classes I The Panic Room Online
Perhaps my personal favourite on this list - like I said before, food has always managed to bring people together one way or another, and exploring a new skill will not only bring your team closer together, but you’ll have learned a valuable skill that you can later recreate at home to your family! Plenty of services offer on-the-spot classes, you tell them how many people will attend and they handle the rest of the details - you can pick from a variety of foods - from pizza making, to sushi, to ethnic dishes!

5. Karaoke night
Karaoke Party
This particular one can be done even during a pandemic (never thought I’d write that as a positive trait, but here we are)! There are plenty of websites that offer free karaoke playbacks with lyrics, all you have to do is follow them and you can do it from the comfort of your home. If, however, you decide to go and do it at a bar - depending on how big your office is - the bar itself can hold a competition between teams - you can split into teams of several people and sing your hearts out!

6. Painting with a professional
Painting Class - Team Building - The Panic Room Online
Another one that I personally enjoy a lot - usually the activity is organized at a bar, but many services offer on-the-spot (be it at the office or somewhere else) where, again, you just inform them how many people there will be and they take care of the rest. A professional artist comes by and teaches you step-by-step while demonstrating on their own canvas, how to paint a painting. Don’t worry, it’s always something easy and pretty and it’s for the experience, critics from the Louvre will not be attending to assess your work.

7. Wall climbing 
Climbing Wall - Team Building - The Panic Room Online
If you’re not deathly afraid of heights, wall climbing can be a great experience, not only as you’ll learn how to safely make your way up a 10 meter wall (never know when that will come in handy), but also because you’ll most likely get to watch your office manager dangle starfish-style while the facility assistant slowly eases them down to the ground. If you are afraid of heights, however, you can sit comfortably on the couch adjacent to the activity area and enjoy the events unfold as you’re sipping on your cappuccino.

8. Darts
Darts Team Building - The Panic Room Online
No longer the old fashioned game in the pub, companies like Flight Club have brought Darts into the 21st century making an old activity brand new again. Get into groups and throw the night away using digitised scoring and mini-games to try. This is something set to take off in 2021!

9. Paintball
Paintball Team Building - The Panic Room Online
If you’ve never been paintballing, let me run it by you real quick - you’re separated into two teams and given very real guns that shoot coloured balls, you get equipped with a helmet and protective gear and there are different games that you can play, but the short and sweet is - you just shoot at each other. The catch is that when you get hit with one of those balls, it hurts - not terribly but it can leave a mark, so the stakes are pretty high here and the benefits aside from having fun? Ever gotten so pissed off at someone you just wanted to shoot them? Well, now’s your chance, a quick trip to the paintball center and you’ll leave the place having resolved all the issues with all your colleagues.

10. Go Karting 
Go Karting Team Building - The Panic Room Online
This is a sure way to get your competitive juices flowing, especially if you put a price at the end of the game like a trophy or a SPA day gift card. Keep in mind these little cars are really powerful so you’ll probably have to talk to the establishment before you go and run it through with your colleagues to figure out who’s going to race in which cars so it’s fair. Best part? You can all watch each other race and then get the recordings for keeps!

In any case, the most important thing is having fun, so ditch the office games and Domino’s this year and if you can, mix things up and make it more interesting!

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, many activities are currently unable to be booked which is a shame as they are all a lot of fun. During Lockdown we have created a range of Remote Team Building Escape Rooms that will be perfect for curing those remote working blues and help bring your team together while they are apart.

Interested in our Online Escape Rooms for Remote Team Building? Click Here to get more info

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