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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
How online escape rooms help people stay sane! - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

How online escape rooms help people stay sane!

 Who would have thought we’d deal with something as huge as a pandemic in our lifetime? Usually something you’d expect a Victorian-era person to worry about, here we are in front of our laptops working remotely while simultaneously cleaning the house, feeding the pets, exercising and avoiding ‘the plague’. How does one get a peace of mind while your country’s leader is on tv yelling at you to wear a mask?

 Thankfully technologies are advanced enough and our good old laptops can do more than just pile up work. Our favourite escape rooms have thankfully started to adjust to the pandemic. Games that were previously only accessible physically have turned online for the sake of the public, and we’ll be damned if we don’t take advantage of that.

 With the risk of developing cabin fever, online escape rooms have arrived just in time to prevent that. You might ask - ‘Why play them? There are plenty of games I can just buy and play.’ True! But if you’re a fan of escape rooms, you’ll know that a good game will cost you a lot and you’ll still only be able to play it once, just like a regular escape room.

Online escape games offer you the same (if not better) gaming experience, for a fraction of the price you might pay for a game at the store, with the same benefits and none of the commitment. You’ll also be supporting a business in an industry that’s currently struggling, while enjoying the game development of people who actively work in that market and know what the public wants and enjoys. Puzzles and gameplay will still be developed by the teams of your favourite real life escape rooms, so rest assured that if you’ve ever enjoyed a game at their establishment, you’ll surely enjoy the online version they offer, simply because it’s from the same developers and also - with the element of unlimited abilities, without having to abide by the laws of physics.

 That’s the second exciting thing about escape rooms - developers can actually let their imagination run free, and knowing what they come up with in real life, it’s exciting to think what they can come up with in a world where everything goes. Flying? Space adventures? Underwater puzzles? One can only guess and the only way to find out is do contact your favourite escape rooms and see if they offer online adventures. This is great news for all escape room lovers, especially now at a time where we need them most. And another great thing? Most of these online escape rooms can be played by groups of a few people, so you can invite your friends or colleagues and have a little after work adventure while sharing an online drink - something I’m sure we can all say we could use ever since miss Covid-19 came to be.

 Be it individually or with friends, online escape rooms do a world of great to all fans of the genre and generally to people who enjoy stimulating their brain activity in a fun, exciting way. They’re not like your regular crossword puzzle or Rubik’s cube, rather they bring not only activity to the brain, but also the excitement and element of surprise as the plot and development of these games are kept secret with the only way of finding out is actually playing them.

 All in all we can say a huge “thank you” to online escape rooms for finding a way of bringing people together while simultaneously not outstep lockdown, as well as reacting really fast to the market changes and giving their customers an outstanding experience by making amazing gameplay, puzzles and adventures that can keep one entertained along with their friends for hours!

Ready to play one for yourself? Click Here to head to our Online Escape Room Store!

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