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How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Dinner Party - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Invite Guests

You can’t have a party without guests! Make sure to write a guest list and let people know what, when and where your Murder Mystery will take place.

Choose a Theme

A good theme can help to engage your guests and set the tone for the Murder Mystery evening.

Consider what films, TV shows or books your guests like and use these to inspire your theme.

Some ideas include:

  • 1920s Gatsby
  • Wild West
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • 80s Disco
  • Harry Potter
  • Masquerade
  • Classic Horror Movies


    Develop each Character

    Give each character a first name and surname and a motive for them to be behind the murder. Could it be obsession, greed, hiding a secret, revenge, insanity? It’s also great to think about the connections between characters such as their backgrounds, recent events, why they are at the party and what actions they must take during the course of the evening.

    Figure Out the Narrative

    How and why did the murder happen? What was the motive and who was involved? Make sure there are plenty of clues for your guests as the Murder Mystery story unveils!

    Some clue ideas include: a police report, diary, letter, code. You could even use  board games/puzzles or a cryptex to give cues and pointers 


    Puzzle Pod

    Make sure your Murder Mystery narrative has a beginning, middle and end and don’t forget give your guests  an overview when they arrive.

    Finding the Right Music

    Once you have settled on the theme, consider what music you’d like to have to enhance the Murder Mystery ambience. For 1920s Gatsby, a playlist of jazz music or for Harry Potter you could use the score pieces from the films! Alternatively, you could ask your guests to submit song requests and sprinkle them throughout the evening!

    Sometimes music without lyrics works well as people will be talking amongst each other to solve puzzles, but it is up to the host to work out all the finer details.

    Finding the Right Costumes

    Costumes will aid people getting into character. You can either provide costumes and props for your guests or they can arrange their own.

    It is recommended that each Murder Mystery character has something about their costume that makes them unique and distinguishable.

    Decorations and Food

    Nothing makes a party feel more like a party than decorations! Consider your theme and narrative and find decor that suits - colours, props, era specific decor etc.

    Additionally, make sure to organise plenty of food and drink for your guests or ask  for contributions. Think about food that can be prepared in advance and served quickly. Find someone to help in the kitchen so you can focus on the event with all your guests.

    Complementary Games

    Don't want to write one yourself? We have a wide range of Murder Mystery games that have everything done for you.



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