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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Love & locks on valentines day! - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

Love & locks on valentines day!

Let’s face it - last March none of us thought we’d be celebrating Valentine’s day in these circumstances, but you know what they say - play the cards you’ve been dealt. Instead of panicking, we might as well make the best of the situation, right? Right.

If you’re an escape room enthusiast, it’s sure to say that you’ve pretty much had it with this pandemic causing a hiatus on your real life escape game visits, and if your significant other shares the same love for escape games then it’s a shared pain. So how do you make the best of this situation? Easy, you just need a little imagination and a budget.

Valentine's Day Ideas I The Panic Room Online

Restaurants, cinemas and pretty much all entertainment centers that blow up on Valentine’s day will most likely be closed, or if not - will be working on 50% and requiring masks and sanitizers at all time. I'm sure the only mask you want to see on Valentine’s day is some kind of kinky one. So instead of wasting money away and fearing arrest because of public affection, due to pandemic rules, why not set up something at home that will be enjoyed thoroughly without social distancing? Here’s what we have in mind.

So how do you pull that one off? Easy. First off - if you don’t feel creative or your imagination doesn’t exactly work overtime, there are plenty downloadable do-it-yourself escape rooms & online escape rooms. You’ll find most of them aren't as personal so instead of trying to “avoid the lasers” game, you can… well, you can do that, if you have lasers. You get the idea.

If however you have ideas of your own - don’t be afraid to act out on them, remember - you’re not a professional, you’re doing this for fun, and also - stick to things that you can both do at the same time - so yes - include puzzles for your loved one, but mainly pay attention to activities that both of you can do at the same time. And don’t go overboard - around 5-6 challenges or puzzles would be more than enough, and the more bells and whistles to them - the better. Try focusing on the “fun” more than the difficulty level, professional puzzle-makers for escape rooms test and condition their puzzles and quests with special algorithms and test groups and the process of making a complete escape room is very complicated, so don’t put pressure on yourself!

Valentine's Day Couples Escape Room

Keep in mind, in the case of the make-it-at-home escape room, you’re going to be both a player and a game master - so make sure you write a script beforehand that you can use throughout the game, and make sure you thoroughly explain everything and get your loved one in the mood before starting. And don’t forget the ambient music! There’s a reason that ambient music is present in escape rooms, it’s not just for your personal pleasure - it helps players feel at ease, really get into the game and stimulate the thinking process, so don’t be afraid to play some Stevie Wonder or Michael Bolton in the background.

If you think all of that would be too much hassle to set out for Valentine’s day, We have plenty of escape room and board games that will be sure to bring joy and excitement. This year we have even launched our own line of Valentines day cards, so you can get started just from that.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to spice up the scene with a loved one, but a love-themed escape room at home for a couple that is especially into real life escape games, really takes the cake - pandemic or not. So why not put your thinking cap on and come up with something extra special this year, I mean, if worst comes to worst, keep the game simple. Get some handcuffs, lock them up and then "lose" the key.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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