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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Little Lock-ups - Kids And Escape Rooms - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

Little Lock-ups - Kids And Escape Rooms

If you love escape rooms and have kids of your own, surely you’ve wondered whether or not your kid would like them, would they be good in one or even if it’s good for them. What should you take into account when considering the escape room experience for your little one?

First thing’s first - how do escape rooms affect kids?

Escape rooms, just like any other puzzle game, does nothing but good for your little one’s brain development. The earlier they start solving challenges and puzzles - be they escape rooms or regular puzzles - the better for their mental development. In the case of escape rooms, however, not only do they get the developmental benefits of the puzzle games, when going to a physical escape room - they get to experience independence! They’re in a team with other kids their age and they get to be in complete control of the environment around them, they get to explore their problem-solving skills, their leadership skills and have a completely adult experience.

What should be your first step though?

Best way to find out if they even like it in the first place is to try one! Just remember to treat them like an adult the entire time - take their opinions into account, listen to what they have to say - some of the most brilliant players I’ve seen were kids - their minds are pure and work in a very straightforward and logical way, you would be surprised how fast they can go through the room once they understand everything.

What’s the optimal age to start?

Around 8 years old is a great age to start any many experience are suitable for them - the most important thing in this case is for them to be able to read well and read fast, because that is something crucial in this case, they need to have encountered logical puzzles or math problems in school by that age and have learned how to follow instructions and listen. Of course, if you think your kid is ready to start even earlier - you can always go for it like that, just make sure make sure the game is child-friendly.

How are escape rooms beneficial?

Aside from giving them a nice, independent experience for the first time outside school, you’ll be doing them a huge favour when it comes to their imagination and logic skills. Usually kids are taught in school that in order to solve a problem you start from A and get to B. In the case of escape rooms, however, each room has their own puzzle-solving logic, which more often than not - doesn’t follow the standard start at A, finish at B sequence. Escape rooms are built by different people, and different people end up developing different logic skills, when you play games that they have developed, you get to encounter a completely different way of thinking than your own - which for a child, is very important for their communication, problem solving skills and a lot of other valuable qualities that they will need later in life as an adult!

They get to find out at a young age that A doesn’t always directly lead to B - sometimes in order to get to B, you have to get through C, go back to A and then find D and then, perhaps you’ll find B.

Where to play?

Luckily we have plenty of Escape Room games that are directly aimed at kids and made especially for them. During the Covid-crisis we have ended up going online / virtual, which, until conditions improve, are a very good way of finding out whether or not your child will like the world of escape rooms.

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