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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Bored of ZOOM quizzes? Explore the great indoors! - The Panic Room Escape Ltd

Bored of ZOOM quizzes? Explore the great indoors!

If you’re a fan of the puzzle/party genre of games, you’ve probably solved every Zoom quiz there is by now and started on the early 2000s flash games. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are still some untapped sources of the internet that will guarantee your entertainment and fit right to your tastes!

What am I talking about? Online escape rooms, of course! What are online escape rooms? If you’ve been to an escape room ever in your life, it’s pretty much the same as its real life counterpart, just without the physical space and the developers have tried very hard to interpret the real life experience that the escape room gives you, only in virtual life.

If you haven’t been to an escape room, however - Google it, come on, get on the wavelength! And once you’re done reading up on what exactly is an escape room, get ready to know that luckily because of the pandemic (can’t believe I said that) many real life escape game business owners have turned to the virtual life in order to bring joy to their customers.

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The best thing about the real life developers developing their escape rooms online, is that these same people that have put so much thought and work into their real life rooms, now have the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and, to be fair, knowing what they’re capable while abiding the laws of physics, I’m very excited to see what they’re capable of when they are not.

Unlike Zoom quizzes, where you’re just sitting down and answering a bunch of questions, online escape rooms give you the opportunity to dive into an actual, finished, thought out game, aimed to stimulate your brain, as well as a bunch of other senses. Not only that, it's a lot of fun too! All of the Online Escape Rooms include multiplayer for a whole team to play, which just like every other multiplayer game, allows you to play with your friends - Just send hem a link to follow which will redirect them to the website and directly pull the game up. Put in your login details, then when everybody’s connected, you can connect to the actual game. 

Zoom Party - Online Escape Rooms

Online escape rooms are a great way of having a group activity done with your friends and family during lockdown, for obvious reasons of course. Also, aside from the fun you’ll be having, you’ll also be supporting a business in an industry that’s for the most part - heavily struck down because of Covid-19, and that business will usually be a small one. But back to the activity itself - online escape rooms will, of course, beat zoom quizzes by a lot every day of the week, not only because it gives an outstanding user experience, but also the gameplay is specifically made and tested to give you the best activity possible.


Having said all that, picking an online escape room will be a fun, but difficult choice to make, as there’s such a big variety of them! With over 20 titles - it’s all a matter of your taste, but what you do have to look for in these games is this - if you’re somebody that’s never done one, start off with an easier one.

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Don’t let your ego come into play here, because when you won’t be able to solve it and use up all your hints on the 15th minute - then you’ll get pissed off and it’ll stop you from doing more escape rooms. Start off with an easier one, see how you like it and if you found it difficult - there are plenty more easy ones that will help you build up your skills and before you know it you’ll be all over the medium level ones, so don’t rush it!

Ditch the zoom quizzes for something more exciting, something that a lot of people have put a lot of thought into and guaranteed you’ll have more fun, not just as a single player, but along with your friends as well!

Ready to play one for yourself? Click Here to head to our Online Escape Room Store!

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