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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Express Train To Murder - Zoom Murder Mysteries

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Case 1: Express Train To Murder:
All aboard for the Express Train to Murder!

You are invited to join the Orient Express on its way to Istanbul in 1925. You will be travelling with colourful characters like Jay Gatsbee, the secretive American millionaire, and Agrippa Twistie, the well-known British mystery writer, and a group of conniving passengers, all with their own motives for the murder that is sure to happen.

Put on your best 1920’s threads and join in by solving—or maybe committing—this terrible crime!

Important Info:
This game features a random murderer mechanic where the murderer gets secretly selected at a certain point in the game. This means the game can be played multiple times. The host is able to play without knowing the killer.

The game will take approx 10 minutes per player - So allow 1-2 hours for playing especially if your characters want to improvise!

You do not need to use Zoom to play this experience and can use any video chat app of your choice.

Players - 6-12 players
Ages - 12+

Upon purchasing you will receive a digital download containing:
1. Host Book PDF
2. Host Quick Guide PDF
3. Zoom Murder Mystery Invite PDF
4. 12 Character Books PDF
5. 12 Character Invites - Containing different character PDF's to choose from

Download size total is 6mb