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The Exorcism Of Isabelle - Puzzle Book Experience

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🏆 BULLSEYE ESCAPE ROOM 2020 AWARD WINNER - "Best Print & Cut Game" 🏆

The Exorcism Of Isabelle - Puzzle Book Experience:

I received some documents from an old friend, who was researching the history of the house he just bought. The history is pretty disturbing, so I’ll warn you now. People who lived in it previously were convinced the house was haunted.

The strangest thing is, that as soon as these people tried to combat whatever it is that lives in the house, they soon start to exhibit some erratic behavior and slowly lose their mind. Three previous owners committed suicide within a month from the first time they talked to someone about the "spirits" that possess the house. My friend got close, closer than anyone, to the secret of the house. He is sure that it's not about the house itself, but… a doll. A creepy old doll that was left in the attic. It remained in the house for a century, and my friend was certain that it is the source of misfortune for anyone living in the house.

My friend knew something could go terribly wrong during his investigation, so he sent out copies of his research in case something happens to him. Today he fell out the window on the second floor of the house. He's alive, but barely. Who knows what awaits him when he wakes up if the curse is not lifted from the house…?

Our goal is to follow the research my friend did, to find out the names of the demons possessing the doll and exorcise them forever...

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Book - A4 Spiral Bound
Difficulty - Medium-Hard
Please note - Requires use of smart device or computer to complete game

"We really enjoyed the graphics (simple yet haunting) and the story line that tied everything together. If you are looking for a puzzle to do on a sleepless night, this might be the one you want to investigate...." ESCAPE THE ROOMers

"The Exorcism of Isabelle was loads of spooky fun! I had a brilliant time working through the many puzzles and interactions, and loved how tactile the experience was at times. Full of cleverly implemented enigmas and original puzzling, I absolutely recommend picking this book up." Escape Adventurer 9/10

"The Exorcism of Isabelle was our first foray into the world of The Panic Room’s puzzle book/print and play options, and it was not a disappointment. With some mechanics that were vaguely reminiscent of the games in the Exit the Game series, and satisfying puzzles, The Exorcism of Isabelle could be a perfect choice for a game night." Review The Room 8/10