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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Survival Escape Training (PRINT CUT ESCAPE)

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£15.00 - £25.00
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Survival Escape Training

  • Fun experience for the family
  • The story based on time travel
  • Intriguing and exciting adventure
  • Comic book style designs
  • Recommend for young and old agents
  • Perfect pick for a birthday party

Mission Brief

Following numerous reports of maniacal monstrosities terrorizing neighborhoods across the world, we present this emergency training course for all field agents - including you!

This game was originally released as the "Halloween Survival Escape Training" episode, with the hope of adding some hilarity to a host of Halloween parties. But once the event had been and gone they thought, "Why limit it to just one day?" and so they re-christened it "Survival Escape Training".

Compared to some of the other Print Cut Escape games from Clue Quest, this is less of a serious puzzling challenge and more of a light-hearted (and hopefully humorous) hunk of entertainment. So if you're looking to add some supernatural spice to an otherwise empty evening this is definitely the game for you!

Take the tests and learn how to deal with a whole host of spooky surprises - including cunning vampires hiding among us, mad scientists with their creepy creations, and hungry zombies out for your brains!

Difficulty Level: 3.14/5
Time: 90 Minutes
Age: 12+
Sheets: 26 Black & White