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Sketchy Tales - Disney Edition

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Ready, Steady...DOODLE!

Get ready to play a game of telephone sprinkled with some Disney fun. Everyone's story begins with a Disney character and some interesting action that may seem silly.

What happens after that is up to you!

Disney Sketchy Tales combines the magical storytelling and characters you all know and love with the hilarious confusion of Sketchy Stories gameplay.

Finally! A drawing game for large groups of people who are terrible at drawing! Based on the parlor game ‘Telephone’, this is one of the best doodling and guessing boardgames for teens and adults around. Just like most party games for large groups, the rules are simple.

Everyone chooses a scenario card, then tries to sketch it before passing it on. The next player then writes down what they think the drawing is, then passes it on once again for the next player to draw. By the time everyone’s delightful drawings and guesses pass through their friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong. Then it’s most grins wins!