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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Prison Of Memories Part 1 (PRINT CUT ESCAPE)

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£15.00 - £25.00
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Prison of Memories -  Part 1

  • Number of advances from earlier games
  • Our most challenging mission
  • Digitally advanced puzzles
  • New interfaces in the online system
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Graphic novel game design

Mission Brief

After a sneaky attack from an unknown assailant, Mr Q is trapped in a coma. With time running short it’s up to Mrs Q and Lord Hammerschmidt to dive into Mr Q’s mind and find a way to wake him up. But they can’t do it without your help!

A small step for a mouse, but a giant leap forward for Print+Cut+Escape, "Prison of Memories" has a number of advances and stylistic differences from the earlier games.

For a start - it's definitely our most challenging game yet. It also features our most digitally advanced puzzles yet - with new interfaces and new ways to interact with the online system. On top of that, we've made it more environmentally friendly, by reducing the number of printed pages that aren't used for puzzles (without skimping on our customary gorgeous artwork).


The story of "Prison of Memories" takes you on a deep dive into the history of clueQuest and the story of how our main characters became the people they are today. So if you're new to the world of clueQuest, you might want to consider starting out with our earlier missions (such as "Stolen IQ"). Knowing who the characters are won't help solve the puzzles, but you'll probably get a bit more out of the story - and that's always nice!

Difficulty Level: 5/5
Time: 120+ Minutes
Age: 12+
Sheets: 24 Black & White