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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop
Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Print & Play - 6 Game Bundle

Original price £24.99 - Original price £39.99
Original price
£24.99 - £39.99
Current price £24.99

All 6 Different Print & Play games, either delivered to your email or straight to your door! Worldwide shipping now available!

Games Included In Bundle:
The Naught Of Beasts
The Panic Room
The Tomb Of Lazuli
The Book Of Grimm

Available in 2 options:
Digital Delivery - PDF to email - Print & Play: £35
Printed & Delivered - All 4 games for £50 + Postage

The Naught Of Beasts:

You hold in your hands the journal of Aaron Ridgy (a.k.a. Dorian Gray), a most unfortunate soul indeed. Decode his ravings if you can… but take care not to lose your mind along the way! 

- 1-6
Time - 60 minutes
Pages - 26 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium

The Panic Room:
You will receive a secured envelope containing all the documents from the panic room that will help solve the mystery. They have tried to bury the truth but we need to find where the UFO is hidden, and how to activate it. It must be a string of words, seemingly random, that we'll need to send via radio. We'll need to be close enough to transmit.
Supposedly, this message is the key to activate the vessel and we're going to hijack an alien ship. 

Find the codes, uncover the conspiracy, hijack a UFO. Are you in?"

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Pages - 14 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium-High

"In 1973, Arq Industries sent a team of researchers to Arctic base Polaris to investigate abnormal electromagnetic phenomena. Most of the team never returned. The lead researcher produced a series of puzzling field notes that have fascinated cryptography experts for decades. 

Now, finally, they have been declassified. What happened to the Polaris team? Why were the rumors of foreign agent intervention so sloppily covered up? The answer lies somewhere in Agent Archangel’s notes if you can decipher them."

- 1-4
- 30 minutes
- 16 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium 


"Herein you will find Excerpts from the ship’s log set down by the first mate of the
H.M.S. alert—the first submarine ever to capture footage of the “dread Leviathan,”
ancient god of the depths. No member of the crew has ever spoken of what transpired deep below the surface. Will you discover the truth? You have 60 minutes!"

Players - 1-6
Time - 60 minutes
Pages - 22 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium

Tomb Of Lazuli
"After years of searching, the lost crypt of Amenhotep lies before you! But how to get in? This notebook was left in your possession by your Professor, who vanished searching for the same prize is your only guide.
Like your mentor before you, prepare to take on the trials of the ten guardians before you can access the treasures within. And remember, there is always a way in; the way out is not as certain. Will you escape The Tomb Of Lazuli?"

Players - 1-6
Time - 60 minutes
Pages - 20 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium

The Book Of Grimm
Can you find the truth behind the Brothers Grimm? Famously known around the world, the Brothers Grimm were wonderful folklorists, gatherers of fairy tales, and all-around fantastic scholars. 

A journal filled with notes of the brothers has been found and this is your chance to decypher the incredible pages of stories and drawings within.

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Pages - 13 Colour Pages
Difficulty - Medium-Hard