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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

EXIT - The Professor's Last Riddle - Escape Room Board Game

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Embark on a global adventure with EXIT! The esteemed Professor Ian Jones, renowned for his worldwide expeditions, has left an enduring legacy following his recent passing. As an avid lover of puzzles, the professor's archaeological quests led him to the furthest corners of the globe in pursuit of long-lost treasures, cracking codes, and deciphering ancient texts along the way.

In this iteration of EXIT, 1-4 players are invited to step into the shoes of the professor's protégés, embarking on a quest to uncover his vast estate. The challenge? To decode the legacy left behind by the professor. Thankfully, a plethora of tools are at your fingertips in this escape room challenge, but with time rapidly against you, quick thinking and swift action are paramount.

"Exit: The Game – The Professor's Last Riddle" delivers an escape room experience in a puzzle game format, complete with materials designed for a single session of gameplay. Players will engage with the game physically, folding, writing on, and tearing materials to solve the mysteries that await, all in the spirit of honoring the professor's passion for puzzles.