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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

EXIT - Kidnapped In Fortune City - Escape Room Board Game

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Are you adept enough to unravel the mysteries and halt a kidnapping before time runs out?

In the lawless reaches of Fortune City, criminal acts are the order of the day, culminating in the unsettling disappearance of the town's sheriff. Time is of the essence as players band together to crack this case wide open. Your investigation will sweep you through the dusty streets of Fortune City, hunting for clues and peculiar items in places like the saloon, drugstore, gunsmith, post office, prison, and bank. A novel feature of this adventure is the autonomy you possess in choosing the sequence of locations to visit and determining which characters to question. Your team will amass evidence and sift through the locals' accounts. But the burning question remains: Can you piece together the puzzle to save the sheriff before it's too late?

Echoing the intricate mysteries of "Dead Man on the Orient Express" and "Theft on the Mississippi," this game plunges players into a Wild West kidnapping scenario, demanding the solution of numerous riddles to uncover the truth.

With a difficulty rating of 3.5 out of 5, "Exit: The Game – Kidnapped in Fortune City" offers a unique escape room experience within a puzzle game framework. Emphasizing single-use gameplay, players are encouraged to interact with the game's materials through folding, writing, and tearing as they navigate through the challenges presented.