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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Episode 2 - Alpha Brain System (PRINT CUT ESCAPE)

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EP2 - Alpha Brain System

  • Awaited sequel to the first mission
  • New dimension of the paper elements
  • Innovative 3D puzzles
  • Animation and live-action footage
  • A more challenging adventure
  • Highly rated and recommended

Mission Brief

The much-awaited sequel to the first mission, Alpha Brain System takes the paper elements of Print+Cut+Escape into a new dimension - literally! The game features a number of innovative 3d puzzles to create an experience that can't be replicated onscreen, and the story is brought to life with an eye-catching mix of animation and live-action footage. A more challenging mission than its predecessor, Alpha Brain System was also highly rated and recommended by industry-leading reviewers, such as


Your mission in Alpha Brain System is to help Mr Q infiltrate the CUBE - a mysterious facility owned by the world's greatest villain, Professor Blacksheep. Once reunited, you must all work together to find out exactly what the Professor is planning - and put a stop to it!

Difficulty Level: 4.5/5
Time: 120+ Minutes
Age: 12+
Sheets: 26 Black & White