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DC Comics Superman/Shazam First Thunder (VOL 68)

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SUPERMAN/SHAZAM: FIRST THUNDER Originally published as Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #1–4 November 2005 – February 2006

With one magic word, young orphan Billy Batson transforms into a man imbued with the powers of the gods. But even one gifted with the Wisdom of Solomon can learn from a Superman. While Superman must stop members of a cult from stealing ancient artefacts from the Metropolis Natural History Museum, Billy must battle giant robots rampaging through Fawcett City. These separate events lead the heroes to cross paths, and a mighty friendship is formed as Earth’s most powerful defenders team up to stop such menaces as Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana, Eclipso and the monstrous Lord Sabbac.

SUPERMAN #276 Originally published in June 1974

Captain Thunder, a super hero with powers equivalent to Superman’s, is thrown from his Earth into Earth One by his enemies. When the conditions of Earth One cause Captain Thunder to become a villain, it’s up to Superman to stop him.