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POP 'PLOSION SALE 💥 40% off ALL Funko products! Use code "PLOSION"

DC Comics - Solo Part 2

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The DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection is proud to present the exciting Solo - Part 2 Special Edition.  

Encounter the DC Universe as you’ve never seen it before, as top creators take it into their own hands. Can Bruce Wayne’s penthouse apartment survive a party with the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol?  What happens to Batman when Dick Grayson falls in love with a criminal and feels at war with his father figure?

Can Deadman help a mystery girl who is hanging around a city stairwell with no memory of how she got there? The second line-up of Solo artists: Mike Allred, Teddy Kristiansen, Scott Hampton, Damion Scott, Sergio Aragonés and Brendan McCarthy know the answers.