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DC Comics Green Lantern Wanted Hal Jordan

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WANTED: HAL JORDAN Originally published as Green Lantern #14–20, September 2006 – July 2007.

Pilot Hal Jordan was chosen to represent an intergalactic police force created by the oldest beings in existence – the Guardians of the Universe. Protecting Earth and all of space sector 2814 from every extraterrestrial threat imaginable, Jordan shines his light proudly as the Green Lantern! But in his unending battle against evil, Green Lantern knows neither boundaries nor borders, no matter what the tenets of international law. And when he’s framed for murder while violating Russian airspace, Jordan finds himself an accused criminal. Now on his own, the Emerald Warrior must clear his name, even as old enemies and forgotten faces from the past gather in the shadows, determined to take him down.

GREEN LANTERN #16 Originally published in October 1962.

Hal Jordan is worried when Carol Ferris does not return from a flight on her private jet, unaware that she has been captured by an alien race and turned into the mysterious and powerful Star Sapphire.