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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

Episode 1 - Stolen IQ (PRINT CUT ESCAPE)

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EP1 - Stolen IQ

  • Recommended by industry-leading reviewers
  • First in the world of at home escape gaming
  • Innovative style and gameplay
  • Paper-based puzzles
  • Interactive multimedia online game platform

Mission Brief

Stolen IQ is highly rated and recommended by industry-leading reviewers, such as The game shows off its innovative style and gameplay made up by a healthy balance of paper-based puzzles and an interactive multimedia online game platform.


Your mission in Stolen IQ is to decode a series of secret messages from a compromised and imprisoned agent, Lisa Hammerschmidt. Together, you can stop the evil Professor Blacksheep in his tracks, rescuing the world’s top scientists he has kidnapped for dreams of world domination.

Difficulty Level: 4/5
Time: 90 Minutes
Age: 12+
Sheets: 24 Black & White