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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Brain Athlete Puzzle Books (3 to choose from) - Professor Rubik

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Everyone recognises the name Rubik's. Most would associate it with frustration, confusion and probably, tantrums. Yes, the Rubik's cube has featured in everyone's childhoods at some points, and now the Rubik's family welcomes books of puzzles as its newest edition!

The Rubik's Brain Athlete Puzzle Books are designed to challenge your mind with cranium-scratchingly tricky challenges to get you thinking outside of the box! Choose from 3 titles - Code Breaking, Smart Logic and Critical Thinking, find the right kind of challenges to suit you. Each title contains differing levels of puzzles to battle against the clock, so you can start easy and end.... in tears (but also smarter, hopefully). 

A great gift for youngsters, and older folks who enjoy puzzles, the Brain Athlete Puzzle Books are sure to have you screaming with frustration, and then screaming with delight when you solve them!


  • Choose from 3 different titles
  • Each one contains brain-teasing puzzles!
  • Challenge yourself against the clock
  • Great gift for puzzle nuts