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  • ArctIQ - Print & Play Escape Room Game

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    So what is ArctIQ about? Here is the exciting story below:
    "In 1973, Arq Industries sent a team of researchers to Arctic base Polaris to investigate abnormal electromagnetic phenomena. Most of the team never returned. The lead researcher produced a series of puzzling field notes that have fascinated cryptography experts for decades. 

    Now, finally, they have been declassified. What happened to the Polaris team? Why were the rumors of foreign agent intervention so sloppily covered up? The answer lies somewhere in Agent Archangel’s notes if you can decipher them."

    Players - 1-4
    Time - 30 minutes
    Pages - 16 Colour Pages
    Available in 2 options:
    Digital Delivery - PDF to email - Print & Play: £5
    Printed & Delivered - 1st Class Royal Mail (UK ONLY): £10

    Please note - Printed & Delivered copies will be available to ship from 12/06

    You must have access to a phone/tablet/laptop to access a website that you use to get clues/hints and the final answer.

    It is suitable for groups of 1-4 players and escape artists of all ages (although it is recommended children under 14 play with an adult).

    Upon purchasing you will instantly receive a download link to download the PDF of your game.