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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕
🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

At The Panic Room Online we have been working closely with many companies, assisting in creating and distributing their incredible creations.

We live and breathe Escape Rooms and Puzzle Games, so it's fantastic to help bring these projects and products to life which lets as many people as possible get to experience them.

We offer any of the following services:
Printed packs, props & materials
Custom jigsaw puzzles

Warehouse storage facilities
Stock control
Supplier distribution and individual sale dispatching

In store retail at Don't Panic stores
E-Commerce sales
Customer service

So whether you would like us to make it, send it or just sell it; we will have the perfect solution for you!

Want to get in touch? Send an email over to -