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The Naught Of Beasts - Puzzle Book Experience


Part of our BRAND NEW spiral bound puzzle book experience series

The Panic Room Presents - The Naught Of Beasts

You hold in your very hands the journal of Aaron Ridgy, also known as Dorian Gray. Truly, a most poor unfortunate soul indeed. Countless scholars have peered inside said journal more than a few times, only to pass it onto the next reader. Many have said the book is utterly illegible, others that it contains a maniac’s thoughts of terrible insanity.

One poor student turned white and said it was as though prying into the gates of the underworld itself. You are the next in a line of accomplished polymaths to take a crack at Ridgy’s innerworkings. Decode his blithering ravings if you can… but take care not to lose your mind along the way like so many before you!

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Book - A5 Spiral Bound
Difficulty - Medium