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The Book Of Grimm - Puzzle Book Experience


Part of our BRAND NEW spiral bound puzzle book experience series

Once upon a time, a mystery like no other was waiting to be told…
Can you find the truth behind the Brothers Grimm?

Famously known in every corner of the world, the Brothers Grimm were wonderful folklorists, all-around fantastic scholars, and gatherers of fairy tales of all kinds. They collected the curious from every continent. From ocean depths, to enchanted forests. From innocuous little villages hidden in the mountains to terrible towers so tall they eclipsed the moon, the Brothers Grimm have a tale to tell on every account.

Their stories are retold a thousand times, celebrated across the globe. Now, a journal filled with notes of the brothers has been found. Archivists and translators are all clamoring to be the first to publish their missive. Somehow, the journal has found its way into your hands and this is your chance to decipher the incredible pages of stories and drawings within. If you won’t do it, someone else will and receive all the credit!

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Book - A4 Spiral Bound
Difficulty - Medium-Hard