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Solaris - Puzzle Book Experience


Part of our BRAND NEW spiral bound puzzle book experience series

Solaris - Puzzle Book Experience:

Solaris - The hub of industry on Phoebe, Saturn's outermost moon. You arrive to dock and find your passage blocked by a savaged deserted ship. There’s no sign of life, and the communicators are playing up. Curiosity gets the better of you and before you know it, you’re organising an investigation party for this cosmic conundrum.

Your Mission: Find out what happened to the crew and stop it from unleashing carnage on Solaris.

You’ll need a keen eye and sharp intuition to solve this interstellar enigma, not to mention an iron will!

Hurry! Something sinister lurks aboard the ship...

Players - 1-6
Time - 60-120 minutes
Book - A5 Spiral Bound
Difficulty - Medium