The Naught Of Beasts - Print & Play Escape Room Game

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The Panic Room Presents - The Naught Of Beasts

You hold in your hands the journal of Aaron Ridgy (a.k.a. Dorian Gray), a most unfortunate soul indeed. Decode his ravings if you can… but take care not to lose your mind along the way! 

Players - 1-6
Time - 60 minutes
Pages - 26 Colour Pages

Available in 2 options:
Digital Delivery - Instant PDF to email - Print & Play: £10
Printed & Delivered - £12.50 + Postage

It is suitable for groups of 1-6 players and escape artists of all ages (although it is recommended children under 14 play with an adult). It contains 12 complex, multi-step puzzles culminating in an exciting ending.

Upon purchasing you will instantly receive a download link to download the PDF of your game.