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  • Leviathan - Print & Play Escape Room Game

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    The Panic Room Presents - Leviathan

    Herein you will find Excerpts from the ship’s log set down by the first mate of the
    H.M.S. alert—the first submarine ever to capture footage of the “dread Leviathan,”
    ancient god of the depths. No member of the crew has ever spoken of what transpired deep below the surface. Will you discover the truth? You have 60 minutes!
    Players - 1-6
    Time - 60 minutes
    Pages - 22 Colour Pages

    Available in 2 options:
    Digital Delivery - PDF to email - Print & Play: £10
    Printed & Delivered - 1st Class Royal Mail (UK ONLY): £15

    It is suitable for groups of 1-6 players and escape artists of all ages (although it is recommended children under 14 play with an adult).

    Upon purchasing you will instantly receive a download link to download the PDF of your game.