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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

Zombies Run Board Game

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Prepare your team for a frantic, real-time sprint across a zombie-infested island! Rescue survivors, uncover secrets, and (hopefully) escape the island set in the Zombies, Run! universe, during the first days of the apocalypse. 

"Where this game really excels is with the app, with the storytelling, with the cool surprises that are in these envelopes [...] the escape room stuff is bonkers fun [...] the app integration is amazing, it really takes it to new heights"

Rahdo Runs Through

What sets it apart?

  • With our companion app (for Android and iOS), you'll hear zombies approaching as you work together to escape them, listen to survivors and make snap decisions about saving or leaving them. Will you risk it all to be a hero, or keep your team alive at all costs?
  • A fast-paced co-op card game tests your nerves and co-ordination. Zombies rage towards you. You need a plan. Quickly! They’re almost here. You see your chance. Go! Run!
  • During the 10+ hour campaign, you'll unlock new weapons and deadly foes from sealed envelopes, along with physical artefacts that hold the key to solving in-game mysteries and puzzles.

It's great fun even for people who don't play Zombies, Run!, though you might notice a familiar voice or two... 

“The voice acting on the app is very well done [...] the app really draws you into the spirit of the theme. Some nice thematic touches emerge in the "legacy-light" parts of the game, and the gameplay is fast and pretty fun. I like how you can go for as long as you like and then pause.”

BoardGameGeek User Review

This box contains everything you'll need to play the game with:

  • A2 Laminated Dry-Wipe Erasable Map
  • 98 Opportunity Cards
  • 56 Zombie Cards
  • 5 Zombie Tracker Cards
  • 18 Close Call Cards
  • 18 Weapon Cards
  • 4 Plan Cards
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Other secrets you won't be privy to till you open the box...