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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

Word Pile - The Hilarious Word Stacking Game

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  • EDUCATIONAL BOARD GAME: This wonderful word board game is the ideal kids games for you and your family to practice your words. It's brilliantly made and the letter blocks are all different colours, giving word play a fun edge. Get your whole family involved in this game and see who can create the best words
  • WHOLE FAMILY GAMES: This puzzle board game is not only hilariously fun, it's can also be used as part of your learning resources, encouraging kids to practice their words whilst being fantastically fun. Add this to your collection of kids board games and you won't be disappointed. It's ideal to play with 2-4 people, the whole family can get involved in the competition
  • BOARD GAMES KIDS: Kids Create has created these word games are perfect for kids from the age of 6+. Would be perfect for those lazy afternoons to entertain your kids or used as apart of kids party games, with prizes involved. These board games for 6 year olds will make learning so fun, it won't even feel like education
  • PHONICS GAMES: These board games for families with kids come with 1 plastic board and 4 plastic racks. They also include 100 plastic letter chips and a set of instructions for you to use. Look no further for fun spelling games, this one will become a family favourite in no time
  • CORE ACTIVITY COLLECTION RANGE: With over 80 products within this range, including colouring kits with fun colouring pens, painting kits, educational products and summer kids activities and games, your little one will never run out of exciting things to create and learn! This range provides a wonderful array of gifts, girls toys and boys toys. So, what are you waiting for? Sit back and watch your little one have the time of their life