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NEW IN STORE: Build Your Own Bundle! Buy 3+ Online Games & save 10% - CLICK HERE

The Walking Dead - Escape Room In A Box


You are a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world who have stumbled upon a secured, walled-off community. To gain access, you must prove you have the skills necessary to help lead humanity into a new, golden age. If you fail, you will be eliminated. The stakes are high, and so is the challenge.

Escape Room in a Box: The Walking Dead puts you and your friends into the dangerous world of AMC's The Walking Dead TV show. You and up to seven other players have 90 minutes to solve puzzles, crack codes, and unlock real, physical locks in order to finally open the giant locked door, gain access to the community, or be silenced forever! The walkers are out there; don't let them win!

The puzzles in this game are non-linear, meaning everyone will always have something to do, just like an in-person escape room. Work together and keep the lines of communication open, and you just might be able to survive this tactile tabletop escape room experience. This game is different from other available escape rooms, players work together to try to break INTO a room rather than out!

​Clues and puzzles may involve math, logic and more. Teams can use up to 5 hints to solve all the mysteries. 

​AMC's The Walking Dead Escape Room in a Box game brings 4 to 8 players together for a game night that tests their "survival" skills.

--No knowledge of The Walking Dead television series or comics is required to play this game--

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