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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

The Escape Room Puzzle Book: Can You Unlock The Ten Difficult Rooms In Time?

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The Escape Room Puzzle Book is perfect for reading with your family and friends, and it contains ten intricate escape rooms to solve in your living room.

Join investigative reporter Adam Parkinson, as he finds himself ensnared in the diabolical world of the Wexell Corporation. With Adam, you must solve puzzle after puzzle in order to first escape from the clutches of the evil Wexell, and then uncover their malevolent master plan for world domination!

The Escape Room Puzzle Book includes then ''rooms'' for you to puzzle your way out of, each one specially designed to bring the popular Escape Room-experience to the page, with mulitple layers of interactive puzzles to be solved in order to free Adam and progress to the next location...
before time runs out!