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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

T.I.M.E. Stories Revolution: Experience

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  • You are on a mission to save humanity. The space-time continuum and the very web of reality are threatened
  • In Experience, you'll find out what's going on between TIME Stories Revolution missions
  • Get your agents evaluated, influence upcoming events, make crucial decisions to save the Timeline, spice up your missions and unlock the secrets of the TIME Stories universe
  • This box contains no missions and cannot be played alone. It is essential to have at least one TIME Stories Revolution mission to enjoy it
  • We recommend using TIME Stories Revolution: Experience from your first missions. It is nevertheless possible to embark on Experience after having played one or more adventures. For 2 to 4 players | 60 to 180 minutes play time | Ages 10 and up
  • Looking to expand your story? We have a wide range of expansions offering new and exciting missions! Click Here