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Superman & Wonder Woman Book & Figure Collectible

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Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they fight each other! Relive the classic stories of Superman and Wonder Woman with our Special Edition Boxset.

The most powerful Superheroes in DC Universe were paired once more for this Special Edition of the DC Superhero Collection. He was rocketed to Earth from the dying world of Krypton and given superpowers by our yellow sun. She was gifted qualities by the Greek Gods, stronger than Hercules, wiser than Athena… This exclusive collector's guide celebrates not only the rich creative history of these two icons, but the work of the writers and artists that have breathed life into them. This guide features amazing work from such immortal talents as Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, John Byrne and Jim Lee. 

Product features:

  • TWO vinyl models of SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN in dynamic poses, with a bold paint scheme that gives them a unique comic book appearance
  • Both stand an approx 14.2 cm tall
  • Scale: 1:14 
  • Hand-painted for incredible detail
  • Great gift for DC Comic fans

This Special Collector's boxset comes with a 60-page essential full-colour magazine featuring the classic tales, timelines, and iconic comic book covers, plus an account of the super heroes’ friendship and partnership in the ongoing war against global super villains.

Celebrate 75 years of publishing history of this "power couple" with our Special Collector's Box Set!