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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

Stony Island - Email Escape Game

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E-SCAPE games are email-based games played directly in your email inbox. 

Overview: Your 'friend' who lives on Stony Island will email back and forth with you and help you with any clues needed during your game.

Tickets: £7 per team. (ticket allows for one device)
Instant Play: No time-slot needed!
Teams: We recommend 1-3 people.
Time: 1 Hour (dependant on team).
Perfect for: Date nights, Nights/ days in, Rainy days, Teambuilding, Time with friends, Family fun, or you're just looking for something different!

Stony Island Story:

You just received an email from an old friend who lives on an obscure isle in the Atlantic called Stony Island.

Life on Stony island is uneventful, this is why she and the other inhabitants of the island choose to live there... but something strange seems to be going on in the islands lighthouse tonight!

Can you help your friend solve the mystery?

Please note - or addresses sometimes have issues due to relaying speeds. Where possible please use GMAIL for maximum functionality.
You may only register the game to one email address.

Accessibility - For up to date accessibility info CLICK HERE