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Puzzle Pod Junior - Gift Card Puzzle Box, Cash and Gift Card Holder


Transform the exchange of any ordinary gift card into something extraordinary!
Everyone appreciates receiving a gift card, cash, or check, but given in an envelope or paper box, it’s boring and unimaginative... yawn...

Now, Puzzle Pod Junior – secret code puzzle box, transforms the exchange into a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the recipient!
If you’ve had fun with our Puzzle Pod Cryptex –Brain Teaser and Coin Bank, then you’re going to love this new gift puzzle as well.

  • A great way to make someone use their brain and work a little bit with an intellectual challenge, before they'll receive their gift
  • The recipient will have to solve your clues to crack a three-letter code word that you've set up before being able to unlock the puzzle and find out what’s inside the drawer
  • It’s as much fun giving as receiving
  • You’ll have the fun of setting up your own personalized game