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Pirate Escape - Adventure Maze, Activity Puzzle Game, Folding Maze Sticker & Story Maze for Kids & Adults


  • Slow down time and enjoy the feel of paper. No beams of light shining into your eyes. Our games are 100% offline and off the phone.
  • Expand your mind and learn new ways to impress your friends. These games are guaranteed to add wrinkles to your brain. Master the art of folding and place your puzzle on the shelf like a trophy.
  • Each Adventure Maze includes a reusable sticker pack. Stickers represent the solutions within the maze. Collect all the solutions to complete the adventure and to read how the story ends.
  • Play the game single player or team up with a friend. These games are for kids and adults of all ages. Give them to your kids in place of video games or board games or try them out yourself for a great challenge.
  • Stories are family friendly. The games are designed to be educational in that they help with hand eye coordination, multilevel thinking, spatial visualization, patience and persistence